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Angel B. Hakim
BS/MS/PhD Candidate

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Customer Testimonials

  1. JC
    Omg, it's scary how accurate this woman was during my reading and was positively more than I expected.
  2. Diva S
    YES, Excellent! An experience that you must have! Ms. Angel is no gimmick, not money hungry and accurate!!!
  3. Lisa S
    Wow! My experience with Angel was AMAZING! She is a TOP NOTCH professional and was able to provide insight regarding a variety of areas in my life.
  4. Jackie M
    A friend suggested that I call Angel It took me a while to but I'm so glad that I did. Angel is knowledgeable caring and understanding.
  5. Sharra
    I was amazed how Angel was on point with everything. I will be contacting Angel, again, she gave suggestions on things I need to work on and how to move forward.
  6. PJ
    If you want someone who shows compassion and upholds high ethical standards in their readings you need to call Angel.
  7. Fleeta B
    Angel was certainly given the right name. Actually, her name should be Guardian Angel while guiding you in right direction..
  8. Avery
    Thank you Angel for all of your encouragement!