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Angel B. Hakim
BS/MS/PhD Candidate

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Master Spiritual Life Coach

Angel B. Hakim
Master Spiritual Life Coach
Mission Statement
"To provide wisdom, knowledge and understanding through Spiritual Guidance"
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    Ask Believe and Receive . Using the tools of positive thinking to bring about positive change. Angel teaches one how to look at life from a different perspective bring about positive turn around.
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    Taking care of the body is a equal part of the Trinity. Checkups and regular doctor visits are important in staying healthy . Exercise is also very important and should be a part of our daily routine.
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    Spirit is the very essence of our existence. It is the life force that enters the physical at birth that is our unique spiritual blueprint in this life and the next
Angel B. Hakim's Bio

Who is Angel Hakim?
Angel B. Hakim is a Master Spiritual Life Coach and a gifted intuitive who works with clients using her gift to support and guide them to bring about positive change in their lives. For over 35 years Angel administered support to her clients as a Spiritual Guide and Master Life Coach for those that were experiencing spiritual attacks and in need of spiritual empowerment. Angel contributes the positive success of her clients to her spiritual gift, honest and credible relationship with those who seek her assistance. Angel recently graduated with her Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling and is currently a candidate for her Ph.D. She has found that many people need someone they can trust talk to and not feel that they are being judged or taken advantage of. She coaches the client to focus on making positive changes in situations that have been negative in their lives.
The unique part of having Angel as a Master Spiritual Life Coach is receiving the real truth of the matter you are presenting and help you to see the light. She works with clients to help them understand the reasons why their lives may be in disarray and work closely with the client on their road back to empowerment.

  Please feel free to call Angel your Spiritual Life Coach today at 912-920-0737, e-mail at [email protected] or select the SERVICES  link on my website to schedule a session.   Angel has a huge client base and asks that if you schedule an appointment please call her at your scheduled time there is a ten-minute grace to call after the scheduled time.

Angel is always excited to meet potential clients by phone and will take a minute to speak with a client so that they can get a feel for her spirit and honesty.

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