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Angel B. Hakim

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Customer Testimonials

Angel B. Hakim

Omg, it's scary how accurate this woman was during my reading. She was recommended by a friend And I normally Don't believe in psychics, but I figured hey why not try it out. It was not what I expected she made me feel comfortable like a counselor would and she gave great insight/guidance on my life goals.


Excellent! An experience that you must have! Ms. Angel is no gimmick and nor money hungry!!! She's the real deal and my consultation with her was accurate! She gives details and her warm spirit is straight to the point but in a loving way. I came away from this consultation with clarity! I highly recommend her!!!

Diva S

Wow!  My experience with Angel was AMAZING!  She is a TOP NOTCH professional and was able to provide insight regarding a variety of areas currently affecting my life and my future.   She was SPOT ON!  I was AMAZED, simply AMAZED at not only the accuracy of the reading but the spiritual guidance she provided WITHOUT judgement.  My reading with Angel was so empowering that since my reading, I have been able to take her counsel and guidance and utilize it on a daily basis.  My reading has given me a renewed sense of self , increased self-confidence and grace.  Thank you Angel for sharing your GIFT with me so that I can continue to grow and travel on a path of faith and spiritual renewal.  
New Hamshire



      You know when something has had an effect on your life when it stays with you even on the busiest of days. My problems pale in comparison to some of my friends and I felt a little guilty asking for help for myself but my life seemed to have stalled and everything that I had tried had not changed my situation. A friend suggested that I contact Angel. It took me a while to call her but I'm so glad that I did. Angel is knowledgeable and caring. She not only showed me how to start helping myself but how to help those around me. I hear her encouraging words as I go about my day and things are already changing for the better. I highly recommend Angel. If you are here, you are seeking answers. Don't hesitate to call her.                 Posted on January 24, 2016    South Carolina        

Jackie M

       I am very amazed on how Angel was on point with everything. I will  be contacting Angel, again, she gave suggestions on things i need to work on and how to move forward.  Thanks again       Posted on      January 23, 2016  New Jersey                 

Sharra S

        If you want someone who shows compassion and upholds high ethical standards in their readings you need to call Angel. She is knowledgeable and giving in her work. Her readings are right on the money and her advice is excellent. A very kind lady who is with you 100% when she works with and for you. Highly recommended!   South Carolina            
Posted on January 19, 2016              


        Angel was certainly given the right name.  Actually her name should be Guardian Angel.  She pushes you in the right direction without shoving.  Angel has always been a great source of comfort, made me see the situation for what it is and been there for me when I have needed her the most. There have been times before I can call her she reaches out to me.  A few days ago the simple suggestion from Angel; "breathe"  was all I needed to hear.  She is never far from you once she takes you under her wing. I highly recommend her.  I have recommended her to friends who don't know what they would have done without her. Talk with her, giver her a chance, you too will believe in her and her work as much as I do. Not a day does not go  by that I am not grateful for her help, prayers and guidance.  Please, take the time to talk with her.  You  have nothing to lose and everything to gain.   Georgia     
Posted on November 14, 2014               

Fleeta B


        Hello everyone,I just want to send a note to say that once again, I am continually impressed with the excellent services provided by Mind, Body and Spirit. I have come to Angel for guidance a couple times over the past 10 years, and she has become a very important source of comfort, understanding and support. Her services are implicitly trustworthy and her insight is very accurate. Recently, Angel provided counsel on a criminal matter in Florida. The prosecutor's office was over-zealous and the judge nicely conservative. From the beginning, Angel's soothing words of hope came into fruition. The assigned judge recused himself, the initial prosecutor was re-assigned,the Pre-Sentencing Investigation Report was accepted and the accused received no jail time,like Angel said it would. I am forever grateful for her precise messages of hope and highly encourage anyone with personal, civil or criminal matters to contact Mind, Body and Spirit for accurate and highly professional services.         Posted on March 14, 2014 - Georgia         


Thank you Angel for your support and encouragement! I enjoyed my time with you very much and I can truly see what a special and gifted person you are!        Posted   February 7, 2014      Texas