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Angel B. Hakim

​Spiritual Life Coach

Angel Mind Body & Spirit Services​

  1. Spiritual Coaching
    The Spiritual Coaching session provides spiritual direction in your life based accomplishments you are seeking to obtain. During this reading you are advised spiritually and provided with the tools and a better understanding of your life. Questions about a relationship can be covered during your Spiritual Coaching session.
  2. Spiritual Work Consultation
    What is Spiritual work? Many know it as Root or light work that requires practitioners that are truly knowledgeable of the Arts.
  3. Spiritual Coaching In Finance
    Finance Coaching sessions focus on your financial situation from a spiritual perspective. This session looks into your business or personal financial status. This also provides an opportunity to determine if your finances are being effected by negative spiritual forces or mismanagement.
  4. Spiritual Work Consultation
    Many people know what happens during spiritual attacks and many need to know if that is the reason for their problems. It can be determined through a reading. This reading will determine if the work is necessary or not.
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